Tots teens and in be-tweens

Tots teens and in be-tweens

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Help find Stefanie Bowen

Stefanie is one of our consigners ... Please share !!!!
We are praying for her safe return home and her family at this time. 

From Stefanies brother on Monday January 4tH

From her brother, Don: Stef has been missing since December 23 with no calls or messages from her. Her phone is not with her. Me and her family fear for her safety and need anyone that lives in Pensacola, Florida to keep an eye out for her and notify the Escambia county sheriff immediately at 850 436-9630. Deputy Brewton is in charge of her search. Case number 225. Her last known location was 413 Brainerd St. Pensacola. 5'8" and currently about 175 due to swelling from polyps/cysts. I'm scared someone hit her and she might have bled inside . I told deputy all that. Deputies plan to check security tape at Walgreens on Beverly and Hwy 29 to see who she left with the day of her disappearance. She was so happy and laughing when she got out of car that day. Thanks to all and keep her safety in your prayers. Here is the latest photos have of her.

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