Tots teens and in be-tweens

Tots teens and in be-tweens

Thursday, March 31, 2016

April 1st

There's NO jokes happening at Tots Teens and in Be-Tweens!!! 
WE have LOTS of SPEICALS and DISCOUNTS happening!!! 

ALL White Tag items through out the shop are 75% off!!! 

Green and Orange tag clothing and shoes 50% off 
Yellow tag clothing and shoes 25% off


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

75% off Sale

Throughout the shop --- ALL White Tags are 75% off
A sale you don't want to miss!!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter

Happy Easter
from all of us at Tots Teens and in Be-tweens 

May your Easter basket be full of 

Joy, Happiness and Peace 
Today and Always!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Spring

Happy Spring!!! 

Stop in this week to check out ALL the Spring and Summer items that came in last week.
  bathing suits,  girls dresses, shoes, womens clothing up to size 5x, boys shorts and shirts, lots of new toys, and an assortment of baby items. 

We will be open Tuesday - Friday 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday 9 am to 3 pm

We have a sale your not gonna want to miss 
white tag clothing and shoes --- 75% off
orange/green clothing and shoes --- 50% off
yellow tag clothing and shoes --- 25% off
purses with a white tag --- 65% off
toys, movies and books with a white tag --- 50% off 

follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updated daily pictures of whats new in the shop ---

Monday, March 14, 2016

Awesome Saturday on the Circle!!!

What an Awesome Saturday on the Circle!!

A big thank you to those who stopped by and to all the amazing vendors! 
Julie and Sue with Avon, 
Katrina with Scensty, 
Toni with Toni's Tutus, 
Cherry with Young Living,
Tiffany  with  Mary Kay 
and Stacie with Younique!
YOU ladies ROCK!
Looking for one of these vendors let us know and we will hook you up with their contact info! 

Elmo, Patrick, Spongebob, Spider-Man and a Princess where outside most of the day taking pictures with those who stopped by.  Captain American stopped by for a short time as well!

Watch here and our facebook page for upcoming events!
See you on the Circle @ Tots Teens and in Be-tweens!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"The Stage"

At Tots Teens and in Be-Tweens we have a "stage" --- Yes a stage!!! You will find on the stage All Things Baby!!! From Clothes, Car Seats, Cribs, Bassinetts, Swings, Changing Tables, and so much more!!!

Look what you will find if you walked in today!!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Saturday on the Circle @ Tots Teens and in Be-tweens

Saturday on the Circle @ Tots Teens and in Be-tweens 

Saturday March 12th  --- 9 am to 3 pm

Come out to Tots, Teens and in be-Tweens Consignment Shop for some ---

1020 N New Warrington Rd Pensacola FL 

Approved Vendors: 
Les Social Solutions
Tots, Teens and in be-Tweens Consignment Shop
Mary Kay
Pampered Chef
Chloe & Isabel
Perfectly Posh
St. VINCENT Paul de Paul
& More !!!

 Dora, Deigo, Spider-man, and Barbie Bride will be back and

 they are bringing friends!!! Come by and have your picture 

taken with them!!! 

NOW Scheduling Spring and Summer Drop Off Appointments

Schedule your Drop Off Appointment!!! We are ready to take Spring and Summer Clothing!! Please remember 30 items or less, no trash bags (please put your clothing in a box or a clothes hamper to drop off, we will return back to you) and please fill out the consignor drop off form.  You can find the consignor drop off form @

Call this week as we are booking fast ---
 (850) 516-3781

Drop off at any time the following items:

toddler beds
baby swings
high chairs
car seats
pack n plays
*Any big baby items 

Please remember the following ---


As a consignor, you will receive 50% of the selling price.  

To become a consignor: * Call us (850) 329-8965 to determine what we can and cannot accept at this time due to space limitations and arrange an appointment for inspection and 
 drop-off. To save time at your appointment, download and fill out the Consignor Drop-Off List. (please go to our website to download the consignor drop-off list )

* Then follow the guidelines below for Hanging your items. 

* Due to time and space limitations, we request that no more than 30 items are brought per drop-off. (Note: Baby Equipment, Furniture
 and Outdoor Toys can be brought in addition to the 30 item limit.) * Clothes will only be accepted in laundry baskets (which will be returned to you) or boxes.
​At the appointment, we will inspect your items and determine which items we are in need of at that time.  Please understand that due to space availability, not all items will be able to be accepted. NOTE: Prior to bringing your items to us, spend some time to review the guidelines that we have for the condition of you items.



Seasonal appropriate boys and girls clothing:
*  Children's Clothing Sizes: Newborn to 20
*  Women's Clothing: All sizes including plus sizes
* Maternity clothes (excellent condition) - (must be current) 
* Junior Size Clothing
* Formal Gowns 
*  Costumes
*  Underwear (NEW in unopened packages only)
* Dance wear/Gymnastics Wear
* Shoes – kids & Women's (CLEAN & like NEW condition.)
* Purses (CLEAN & like NEW condition)
* Play equipment (riding toys, etc.)  Must be clean.
* Toys, games, books and videos (make sure they aren't on the
 recall list - click here to check)
* Baby equipment (furniture, swings, beds, high chairs, strollers, etc.) 
 * Infant Accessories
* Breast Pumps (with all working parts and in working order)
* Infant/Children's Bedding (spreads, sheets, pillow cases, and 
 sleeping bags).  NO Stains and NO Holes.  
* Children's backpacks and luggage 
* Bedroom decor 
* Current Home School Curriculum


* Clothing that is outdated, missing buttons, has broken snaps
​ or zippers, ripped, has holes or damaged in any way. 
* Items that are wrinkled, stained in any way or have an odor.
​* Items that are broken or have any missing parts 
* Car seats Any items on the recall list  
​* Clothes should not be brought in for consignment in big black
​ garbage bags.  Please bring in a clothes basket or box. 

We have to be selective about items we accept.  Please make sure you look over your items carefully, inspecting for stains, spots, missing buttons, broken zippers or rips.  Items that look outdated or worn will not be accepted. 

Your items will be inspected at drop-off and any unsuitable items will be returned to you at that time. 


The following are some tips to help your items sell better:
* Clothing that is clean, smells fresh and has been pressed, with buttons and zippers closed look newer and generally sell better. 
* Sets tend to sell better than separate items (in smaller sizes), so match them up if you can. 
* Shoes must be in excellent (like new) condition.  Clean laces and use shoe polish. 
* Toys that require batteries MUST have them so the customer will know that the toy works. 
* Baby furniture and equipment and toys should be clean and have all parts.  Small pieces should be in a Ziploc bag securely attached to the main part with clear packing tape. Equipment such as strollers, swings, high chairs, play pens should be assembled when you drop-off.


All clothing must be on hangers, except onsies, and infant accessories. When hanging clothing items on a hanger, the hanger should be facing left.  It should look like a question mark ( ? ) when you are looking at the front of the item. <----- For convenience, we suggest that you separate all clothing by size and gender prior to arriving for drop-off.


  1. After washing, iron your clothing to remove all wrinkles.
  2. Snip any loose threads from the clothing with scissors.
  3. Close all snaps and zippers and button all buttons.
  4. Fully inspect the clothing for stains, holes or rips. We will NOT accept clothing with stains, holes or rips
  5. Put each piece of clothing on a plastic hanger with the hook of the hanger pointing to the left. If held up in front of you, the hook should look like the hook of a question mark.
    • If there is more than 1 piece to an outfit, place it on the backside of the first piece, facing outward so the front of both garments can be easily viewed by turning it over.
  6. Pin the clothing to 1 or both sides of the top of the hanger with safety pins.Make sure the pin secures the item to the hanger so it won't fall off with excessive movement.
    • When hanging pants or shorts alone, pin the top of both sides of the pants to the top of the hanger.
    • If you're hanging 2 pieces on 1 hanger, secure them both to the top of the hanger with safety pins, making sure to pin through the both pieces. If you have 2 shirts, you can place them on 2 separate hangers and rubber band the hooks of the hangers together.
  7. Organize clothing by size, from smallest to largest. Separate girl's clothing from boy's clothing, and men's from women's. This will make it easier to place the clothing by department at the sale.