Tots teens and in be-tweens

Tots teens and in be-tweens

Thursday, October 13, 2016

lots of discounts and MORE!!!

Come by and see us today!!! We will be open til 5 pm today!!! And 9 am to 3 pm Saturday!!!

Lots and lots of discounts and specials.

Clothing and Shoes are on Sale according to the color of the tag!!!
*** WE have put out ALOT of clothes the past few days and trust me we have a nice selection in all sizes.
Clothing and Shoes with dark green, orange, yellow, blue and pink are 75% off!!!
Clothing and shoes with purple tag is 50% off.
Clothing and shoes with a red tag 25% off.
Clothing and shoes with a ivory tag 15% off!!!

Plus, there are lots of other items that have been marked down as our daily specials!! And the sidewalk is full too!!

A raw items in the shop ----

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